Hey there! My name is

John King

founder and owner of Redesign.co

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I am married to my beautiful wife Briana King and together we share the joy of having three beautiful children, Daisy, and our twin boys Otto and Clark.

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The journey of building Redesign.co has been an incredible one to experience, and through thick and thin, Redesign.co has emerged as an enterprise marketing team recognized and recommended by several of the largest Fortune 500 brands in the country.

John King

Founder and Owner, Redesign.co

A humble beginning…

Going back to the days of our beginning (2013), Redesign.co formally began its marketing journey as PlacementSEO, however, due to rapid growth, success experienced by our partners, and our ability as a team to recruit some of the best marketing minds in the industry, our team rebranded to Redesign.co which better reflects what we do as a company and offer our partners.

As of March 2021 our team has expanded to nearly 30 team members whose only focus is growing your business by redesigning your approach to digital marketing.

As of March 2021 our team has expanded to nearly 30 team members whose only focus is growing your business by redesigning your approach to digital marketing.

Here are a few cool facts about Redesign.co

  • We’re a team of 30 and offer top talent in the categories of SEO, PPC, and Web Development.

  • Redesign.co has been in business since 2013.

  • Redesign.co is headquartered in Twin Falls, Idaho.

  • Redesign.co has generated more than 150M in tracked revenue for its partners.

  • Redesign.co approaches each partnership as a personal relationship.

Here are a few facts about me (John King) personally

  • I will probably drink 4 pots of coffee per day.

  • My favorite (me time) hobby is ATVing and riding motorcycles.

  • My favorite video game of all time is Rocket League.

  • My most important goal in business is providing the highest level of customer service.

  • I married Briana June of 2015.

  • I was born in Texas but spent most of my childhood living in Wyoming.

  • I currently live in Pennsylvania and Idaho and go between states often.

Starting a marketing company was an easy decision for me to make but was more difficult in practice because I left a very stable career working in the healthcare field.

I would personally work a 12 hour shift in an intensive care unit, go home, work 4 hours on my business, sleep and then repeat. Was the hustle worth it? Of course! After about six months of working 16 hour days I was able to step away from healthcare, and through the support of my wife, I went full-time into marketing and never looked back.

As I stepped away permanently from my healthcare position at Geisinger medical center I recall visiting with my father about the decision I was going to make and I remember exactly his response.

“Son, remember that you have a wife to take care of so make sure you’re making a responsible decision”

My Response? “Dad, ill hire you in less than a year and you’ll work with me full-time.”

Mark King (on the left), John King (on the right)

Looking back at this discussion with my father, Mark King ended up being my very first hire as Director of Operations and he was brought on-board less than a year after I made that promise to him.

From that point on, Mark has worked with me to build the team that Redesign.co has become today, all 40 of us.

As I look forward and beyond as to what Redesign.co will continue to be, and grow to be in the future, I hope that our team continues to work hard to provide our partners the best customer experience possible while scaling their businesses by leveraging strategic internet marketing powered by big data.

If you own or manage a business and are looking to hire a strategic marketing partner, give our team a shout, we’d love to walk you through the many opportunities we provide to grow your business through digital.

John King

Founder, Owner Redesign.co