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If you’ve noticed lately that your dental practice has been serving fewer patients and booking fewer appointments, then your business could probably benefit from a digital marketing technique known as dental PPC.

Dentist PPC (pay-per-click) can be a game-changer for dental professionals hoping to increase the number of people that visit their website and come into their dental practices.

As a professional dental PPC company, Redesign knows just how competitive an industry like dentistry can be. That’s why we highly recommend that our clients take advantage of dental PPC advertising to help drive your ideal online audience and interested customers to your website. Paid search is popular because it offers quick results and gives marketers control over their advertising costs.

The platform lets you reach prospects based on what keywords they search, how far they are located from your office, and their specific interests and online behavior.

When done well, dental PPC enhances lead generation and helps dental practices establish their online presence and gain a leg up on the competition. You can also easily calculate your return on investment since your ad spend is automatically tracked through the system.

Don’t already have a Dental PPC campaign in place?
No problem, Redesign can assist!

Redesign specialists understand your needs as a dental practice, which is why our dental PPC company is equipped to help you develop a custom dental PPC campaign strategy that works. We’ll hook your team up with personalized dental PPC services to help you jump to the top of search engine results and drive quality leads.

Dentist PPC Defined

You are exposed to pay-per-click every time you perform a Google search. PPC ads usually appear at the top of search engine results pages on Google— right above organic search results. So if you want to drive more traffic to your website, dental PPC is one of the most effective tools available.

Dental PPC ads look very similar to actual search results. In fact, most users probably don’t even notice the difference. So how do paid ads work? Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! a promotional marketing method where you only pay for the clicks people make on your ad campaigns. Google AdWords is one of the most popular platforms and allows users to bid for ad space on search engine results pages and other sites.


How Dental PPC Works?

Bid on the keywords people search to find your Dental services

Ad will pop up in the list of results when people search your Dental terms

You only pay when your Dental ads is clicked that links directly to a landing page

PPC campaigns run directly through Google’s online platform. How much you invest in your dental PPC advertising determines the effectiveness of your campaign. The more ads your purchase, the longer your ads will appear at the top of the results page. This means better visibility for your brand and more inbound traffic coming to your website.

The vast majority of consumers turn to Google to find local businesses. So as you can probably imagine, PPC advertising is extremely effective, especially for dentists.

Since most people rely on Google search to find specific dental services in their area, investing in dental PPC services is a no-brainer.

As a professional dental PPC company, our experts can help you design a successful advertising campaign that helps you generate new patient leads and get the highest return on investment (ROI).


Dental PPC ads can come in several forms, including:

Search Ads

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are some of the most popular search engines where people place Dentist PPC ads. These ads are displayed at the top of search results, right above organic listings.

Display Ads

Ads that appear on a webpage as a banner, image, or text are known as display ads, and are another form of Dental PPC

Any good Dental PPC agency will tell you that ad quality is based on the following factors:

What are the benefits of Dental PPC Ads?

As an expert dental PPC company, we can testify that there are many benefits for dental who use PPC ads:

Ready for a skyrocketed sales to your Dental

Whether you need PPC services to launch a new campaign or tweak an existing one, Redesign is a PPC agency that knows what it takes to boost your competitive advantage. Contact our team today to get started!

Redesign's PPC marketing Strategy to your Dental Business

Why Use PPC for My Dental Practice?

Trying to run a dental practice and develop a robust marketing plan can be as painful as trying to extract your own tooth. However, pay-per-click is an easy way to quickly boost your online visibility, and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

And by combining this method with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you can take your patient acquisition to new levels.

The right dental PPC company can help you manage your campaign and even reduce your cost per acquisition. In the dental industry, some keywords and phrases rank more competitively and produce a ton of value for doctors. So if there are particular service offerings at your practice that you’d like to highlight— like dental implants, Invisalign, or emergency dentistry, for example, PPC lets you target consumers looking for those specific services.

Even if you only have a small budget to put towards dental PPC services, you’ll still be able to attract more patients in as little as one month.

Why Choose Redesign for Dentist PPC Services?

Redesign is on track to become the top dental PPC agency in the industry. With years of experience providing dentist PPC services, our team understands your needs as a dentist and we will apply this knowledge to your customized marketing campaign.

PPC is one of the easiest ways to attract more visitors to your website. Our team will incorporate the right design, coding, and SEO techniques to complement your PPC strategy. Together, these elements will convert more visitors into actual patients for your practice.

And, as you’ve probably guessed, higher conversion rates means a better return on investment.

Tips for Implementing Dental PPC

Ready to start incorporating PPC into your marketing plans? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Customize Your Landing Pages

Customize your landing pages for each of your PPC ads. Be sure to include clear calls-to-action to encourage potential patients to schedule an appointment. By customizing your landing pages, you’ll ensure prospects stay engaged during their visit and will continue coming back for more.

Use PPC ads to Generate Phone Calls

Maximize your call-in leads by attaching your phone number to all of your advertisements. Google charges the same rate for phone calls as they do clicks to your website. Be sure to only display your ads during office hours when someone will be available to answer the line and assist callers.

Install ad extensions

Only a limited amount of space is allowed for content in standard PPC ads. By purchasing ad extensions, you can provide more detailed information about your dental practice.

How Will I Know If My Campaign is Working?

Most dental practices cannot manage the process of creating, launching, tracking, and testing an online marketing campaign. At Redesign, our specialists provide data-driven results, so you know our advertising techniques work!

We provide our clients with detailed monthly reports about impressions, clicks, conversions, phone calls, click-through-rates, and more.

You’ll know almost instantaneously whether or not PPC is working for your practice and the impact on your budget.

Our dental PPC company will examine your campaign and make adjustments as necessary to improve efficiency so you maintain the best ROI.

How We’ll Help Your Dental Practice Grow

  • Digital Marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design
  • And More…

Don’t trust your Dental PPC Marketing To Just Any Company!

If you’re ready to create a new campaign or need support with tweaking an existing one, Redesign can help!

Contact us today to get your free quote and learn how PPC advertising can benefit your dental practice!

Personalize your strategy

You should customize your strategy to complement your business goals and objectives. This will also allow you to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. You can work with a dental PPC company like Redesign for assistance with developing a tailored plan.

Perform keyword research

You should carefully research keywords and phrases relevant to the dental industry so that you can target the right audience when you launch your campaign. Choosing the right keywords is one of the simplest actions you can take to maximize your ROI.

Ad Development

You’ll meet with our team to discuss your budget, goals, and what services you want to highlight through your campaign. We’ll take this information and create high-performing ads to help drive more traffic to your website while staying with your budget.

Campaign Management

If you’re looking for an A-team, look no further. Redesign will constantly monitor your campaigns to ensure they are performing as expected. Our focus is always on ensuring that you get the most return on your ad spend.

Advanced Consumer Targeting

Our digital marketing agency will zero in on your target audience to ensure you get the most qualified leads possible. This includes proper keyword selection for your industry and targeting your local market. We’ll also hone-in on your audience’s interests and key demographics and ensure your campaign is formatted to work across all devices. 

Optimize your Dental PPC ads

One of the benefits of using dental PPC services is that your account manager can help set up your campaign, then continuously test your copy, design, and targeting and make changes based on the results.

Detailed Data Analytics and Reporting

You’ll receive monthly reports on campaign performance that include your total ad spend, cost per click, the number of visits to your website, conversion rates, and more! We will discuss in detail what’s working and what areas need attention so that we can refine your marketing campaign strategy accordingly.

Why use Professional Dental PPC Services?

Save Time

You’ll save tons of time with campaign setup, developing ads and creative assets, and managing your dental PPC campaign. This is especially beneficial if you’ve never run a campaign before. 

Get Better Results

Professional dental PPC companies like Redesign, are experienced at getting results.

Transparent, Detailed Reporting

A dental PPC company has the tools and technologies in place to accurately track your campaign and provide you with progress reports.

Don’t trust your Dental PPC Marketing To Just Any Company!

Are you interested in taking advantage of dental PPC services for your dental ? Don’t hesitate to contact Redesign to get support building and launching a digital marketing campaign that actually works!

We have experience managing PPC campaigns across many platforms and can help you create ads that bring in more clients and revenue to your firm.

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