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Are you a roofing contractor who’s been itching to learn how to drum up new customers for your business and take your roofing company to the next level online?

Redesign is an expert roofing PPC company that understands what it takes to get you more clicks and generate more leads from your roofing PPC digital marketing campaigns.


Roofing PPC Defined

Roofing PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Redesign can deliver a custom roofing PPC campaign that allows you to reach prospects when they’re already looking for your services, so that you can get ahead of the competition.

How Roofing PPC Works

Bid on the keywords people search to find your roofing services.

Ad will pop up in the list of results when people search your roofing terms.

You only pay when your roofing ad is clicked, directing users straight to a landing page.

Roofing PPC allows you to bid on the keywords that people online are searching for to find your services. When people search these particular terms, your ad will pop up in the list of results. Unlike traditional online ads, you only pay for the ads that get clicked on. The ads link directly to a landing page on your website containing more information about your services.

Roofing PPC ads can come in several forms, including:

Search Ads

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are some of the most popular search engines where people place roofing PPC ads. These ads are displayed at the top of search results, right above organic listings.

Display Ads

Ads that appear on a webpage as a banner, image, or text are known as display ads, and are another form of roofing PPC

Any good roofing PPC company will tell you that ad quality is based on the following factors:

Why Should Roofers Use A Roofer PPC Company?

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to worry about managing marketing campaigns when you should be focused on running your business. PPC is a digital marketing solution that is highly coveted because of how fast advertisers can see results. And when appropriately managed, this can yield an impressive return on investment for roofing companies. With that in mind, using roofing PPC services from a master roofing PPC company like Redesign can be quite beneficial.

The roofing services business is one of the largest in the United States, and its growth is showing no signs of slowing down. This is why we’re seeing an increase in the number of residential and commercial projects.

As the roofing industry continues to boom, the competition among contractors is only getting tougher. So if you want your business to survive well into the future, you need a roofing PPC strategy to help overcome the hurdle of trying to stay relevant in this saturated market.

Common challenges for roofing contractors include:

  Increasing competition
  Marketing and advertising
  Consistent cash flow
  Constant industry changes

As a top roofing PPC company, Redesign specializes in digital tools and innovations to help roofing contractors overcome these issues.

Ready for skyrocketed sales to your Roofing Business?

Whether you need PPC services to launch a new campaign or tweak an existing one, Redesign is a PPC agency that knows what it takes to boost your competitive advantage. Contact our team today to get started!

Redesign's PPC marketing Strategy to your Roofing Business

A Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

PPC allows you to decide how much you want to spend on your ads. This means you’ll never have to worry about paying more than you’ve budgeted. You can also more efficiently target your ads for your specific audience since only the people who are interested in your services will click on your ad.

This is an important distinction from traditional ads, which require you to pay upfront for your ads to appear in results, with no guarantee that anyone will actually click on them. With roofer PPC, you are paying for leads who are highly interested in your services and more likely to convert to paying customers.

Faster Results

With other digital marketing strategies, like SEO, it can take weeks or even months to see results. However, as soon as you launch your roofing PPC campaign, your ad will immediately be seen by potential customers. This also means you get instant results to understand how well your campaigns are performing.

Accurate Data Tracking

Another benefit of PPC is that it gives you detailed information about ad performance. Having access to this data allows you to make adjustments to your campaigns as necessary. You can also run A/B testing to see which versions of your ads get the best response, allowing you to optimize even further.

Precise Targeting

If you want the most return on your investment, PPC ads can be quite beneficial. This is because they help ensure your ads get seen by the right people, at the right time.

You can choose any of the following options to better target your audience using roofer PPC services:

  • Targeting based on demographics allows you to target your ads to certain people based on their age, gender, location, education level, and other characteristics.
  • In-market targeting lets you focus your marketing efforts on individuals who previously searched for roofing services or products.
  • Remarketing enables you to identify users who previously clicked on your ads or visited your website so that you can continue to target this audience.

Higher quality Leads

If a user clicks on a PPC ad campaign, there’s a good chance that they are close to making a purchase decision.

Use Roofing PPC Services for Lead Generation

When most roofing companies talk about wanting to see “results,” they usually mean that they want to generate more leads. And this makes total sense, given that lead generation is the key to driving local business. Organic search engine optimization is a necessary ingredient for a successful digital marketing campaign, but it takes time and should not be relied on for short-term lead production. For roofers who need leads fast, using roofing PPC services is the best option. Paid advertising should never be used to replace search engine optimization completely, but it can serve as a supplement when you’re going through the implementation process.

Personalize your strategy

You should customize your strategy to complement your business goals and objectives. This will also allow you to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. You can work with a roofing PPC company like Redesign for assistance with developing a tailored plan.

Perform keyword research

You should carefully research keywords and phrases relevant to the roofing industry so that you can target the right audience when you launch your campaign. Choosing the right keywords is one of the simplest actions you can take to maximize your ROI.

Conduct research on industry competitors

Competitor research is an important part of creating a successful PPC strategy. If you work with a roofing PPC company like Redesign, we will monitor your top three competitors to ensure you have the most effective campaign possible.

Create your copy and creative assets

Creating ad copy and creative assets is a time-consuming process, but it is a necessary part of developing a successful campaign. We recommend using a PPC company to ensure you have effective copywriting

Manage your bids

PPC lets you manage your bids and adjust them as necessary to ensure you get the maximum ROI.

Optimize your roofing PPC ads

One of the benefits of using roofing PPC services is that your account manager can help set up your campaign, then continuously test your copy, design, and targeting and make changes based on the results.

Track and report your campaign results

Data tracking and reporting is an often neglected step in the PPC campaign process. However, this step should not be skipped, as this information is critical in helping you improve campaign performance in the future. If your team cannot handle this task, you should budget for professional roofing PPC services.

Why use Professional Roofing PPC Services?

Save Time

You’ll save tons of time with campaign setup, developing ads and creative assets, and managing your roofing PPC campaign. This is especially beneficial if you’ve never run a campaign before. 

Get Better Results

Professional roofing PPC companies like Redesign, are experienced at getting results.

Transparent, Detailed Reporting

A roofing PPC company has the tools and technologies in place to accurately track your campaign and provide you with progress reports.

Don’t trust your Roofing PPC Marketing To Just Any Company!

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Redesign has been a great company to work with. I'm a firm believer it's the people that makes Redesign great. I'm very fortunate to work with Heather O. She is not only very knowledgeable, but genuinely cares about my company and it's well being. A constant professional and honestly have earn my trust to it's fullest. For me that's pretty hard, after going through numbers of so call professional marketing agencies. Thanks Redesign for having Heather on board. She is a true assets.
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David Graham
Great services and great team of people to work with!
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Heather & Laura Stitches Sis's
I would highly recommend Redesign for SEO and Sight Management. We have seen huge improvement in our rankings since partnering with them. Heather Osborne is a tremendous asset to your organization. Thank you Heather and Redesign for being a great partner!
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Rick Jenkins
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Gary Line
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leroy sexton
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Robert Mafes
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Daniel Smith
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Precision Roof Crafters, Inc.
Amazing service, great project managers! Heather is great!
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Benjamin Rosenfeld