Drive New Revenue to Your Practice Management Software Company by Offering White Label SEO.

White Label SEO for Practice Management Software Providers

Discover the power of White Label SEO for practice management software providers and tap into a new revenue stream for your company. By offering comprehensive, tailored SEO services to your clients, you can elevate their online visibility, help them attract more patients, and foster long-lasting partnerships. Harness the expertise of white label SEO professionals to complement your core offerings and create a one-stop solution for medical practices looking to thrive in the digital age.


With our customizable, turnkey solution and dedicated account management, you can focus on building relationships with your clients while we handle all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Choose Redesign’s White Label SEO Program to expand your service offerings, increase your revenue, and deliver outstanding results to your clients.

Integrating Digital Marketing Offerings Into Your Practice Management Software Platform


Customer Profile Discovery

We will work together to identify the unique needs of your software client – do they need SEO? Do they need Google Ads management? Is there another marketing service they should be offered? Let’s build their marketing profile together. 


Custom Offering Development

Based on your customer profile we will work together to create a customer marketing program. This program can then be offered to your clients on a white label model. 


Service Language Agreement

Once we agree to a custom marketing program – together we will work towards an official SLA that outlines your expectations and needs. 


Onboarding Integration

Lets create a fluid onbaording process so that you can bring your clients to our program as efficiently as possible. (API available too)


Marketing Reporting Integration

We will work together to setup branded reports to ensure your clients understand their marketing KPIs month over month. 


Partnership Launch

We’re now integrated and ready to begin serving your clients with effective digital marketing services. 

Redesign.co Makes Integrating Digital Marketing Into Your SaaS Offering a Breeze.

Professional Marketing Reporting Integrated Into Your SaaS by API.

By using an API, our marketing service can be seamlessly integrated into your SaaS platform, allowing clients to access marketing reporting without having to leave your platform or use a separate tool. This can improve the user experience and increase the value of your SaaS platform.

Offering Digital Marketing is Strategic.

Offering digital marketing services as part of a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering can be strategic for several reasons.

Firstly, digital marketing is an essential component of most businesses’ growth strategy, especially for SaaS companies that rely on a recurring revenue model. By offering digital marketing services, SaaS companies can help their customers attract and retain more users, increasing their revenue potential.

Secondly, offering digital marketing services can help SaaS companies differentiate their product from competitors and add value to their offering. It can also help SaaS companies build stronger relationships with their customers and improve customer retention rates.

Finally, offering digital marketing services can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends, which can help SaaS companies refine their product and marketing strategy over time. Overall, offering digital marketing services can be a strategic move for SaaS companies looking to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

Partners Love Redesign.

And So Will You

Redesign has been a great company to work with. I'm a firm believer it's the people that makes Redesign great. I'm very fortunate to work with Heather O. She is not only very knowledgeable, but genuinely cares about my company and it's well being. A constant professional and honestly have earn my trust to it's fullest. For me that's pretty hard, after going through numbers of so call professional marketing agencies. Thanks Redesign for having Heather on board. She is a true assets.
David Graham
David Graham
Great services and great team of people to work with!
Heather & Laura Stitches Sis's
Heather & Laura Stitches Sis's
I would highly recommend Redesign for SEO and Sight Management. We have seen huge improvement in our rankings since partnering with them. Heather Osborne is a tremendous asset to your organization. Thank you Heather and Redesign for being a great partner!
Rick Jenkins
Rick Jenkins
We use Redesign for SEO and site management and they are the best that we have worked with, great results and we are very appreciative of the efforts by our project manager Heather!
Gary Line
Gary Line
I would recommend if you ever have needs for online marketing, web design or online assistance. Heather Osborne is your answer. Heather is very professional and easy to communicate with, not a bunch of talk that the common person cant understand. Heather has helped our business grow in ways that we couldn't do on our own. You owe it to yourself to start with her.
leroy sexton
leroy sexton
Carissa is the best and I'm so happy she is part of helping build up our company. We definitely can see our company's growth and revenue increase and I truly believe it's due to the work that she is doing on our website. We are having the best year ever in our 10 year history. Thanks Carissa.
Robert Mafes
Robert Mafes
Robert has been a rock star when it comes to SEO. He and his team have made huge increases to our performance and put us at the top of the list in our area. Thank you, Redesign!
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
You need to trust the competence level of the organization that is communicating the "Who" and "Why" message and image of the business you put your heart and soul into building for over two decades. Redesign.co won that trust. Robert Nelson continually earns that trust. He is doing a great job overseeing and managing our account. He is Professional (with a capital "P"), accessible, responsive, respectful, helpful and knowledgeable. He's truly an asset to his company.
Precision Roof Crafters, Inc.
Precision Roof Crafters, Inc.
Amazing service, great project managers! Heather is great!
Benjamin Rosenfeld
Benjamin Rosenfeld

Let's Talk SaaS and Digital Marketing Integration .

Fluid Digital Marketing Migration


Submit client information to Redesign.cos project management team. This information helps us evaluate the needs of your clients..


Our project managers will integrate your customers Google Analytics and other data sources into our white label reporting dashboard.

Product Assignment

Redesign.co will work with you to pair each of your clients with the most suitable SEO package to ensure continuing delivery of marketing services.

Launch Date Determination

Website content development and Google My Business posting is the core of our content curation offering.

Campaign Launch

Our in-house team begins executing your clients white label SEO service and before the first service cycle has been completed, we will have client SEO reports compiled for you.

Ready to talk SaaS and Digital Marketing Integration?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Redesign Currently Work with Other Practice Management SaaS Providers?

Yes! Redesign has years of experience tailoring digital marketing solutions to Saas providers, paving way to new realized revenue for our partners, better customer retention, and stronger product offerings. 

How Quickly Can An Integration Take Place?

Start to finish, anywhere between four to six weeks depending on the scale of the partnership, onboarding needs, partnership support needs, among a few other criteria. In the end, Redesign.co makes onboarding as easy and seamless as possible. 

Does Redesign Offer Services Outside of SEO Integration?

Yes! SEO, Google Ads management, and Social Media management are all part of our offering which can be extended to your platform.